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Beautiful display ideas for lovers of teacups and teapots. Whether starting your own small collection, or decorating a vintage wedding table, there is a colorful medley for all tastes when it comes to timeless bone china.​


Pinks and Greens, soothing shades,
creating a garden scene for the table.  
Lefton teapot (green), Sadler teapot (pink)
and mixed teacups picking
up on both shades.
Left back is a mosaic china birdhouse,
they always look cute
displayed with the teacups



Classic shabby roses in a mix of English and
Japanese sets.
Lots of golds, pinks and greens.
Shabby Chic, French Country,
and Cottage Romantic. 
Teapot displayed is a 1930s Salder cube pot.

Soft pastels could serve as your inspiration
for decorating the table for your next tea party.
Always pretty and cheerful!


Sadler Cube Teapots, these were made
from the 1930s through 1950s. A popular
teapot that became highly collectible
over the past few years.

  Teacups can be cheerfully displayed in
so many ways. Weathered shelves, 
or heirloom, antique china cabinet,
maybe just hung on 
hooks and ledges, the
whimsy of teacups 
has been enjoyed
through the ages.