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Large Doily, Crocheted Centerpiece in White, Hand Made 15370

Large Doily, Crocheted Centerpiece in White, Hand Made 15370

$ 17.00
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Large Doily, Crocheted Centerpiece in White, Hand Made, Hand Made. A wonderful addition to your lacy doily stash! Please read notes...

This stunner has a spill mark through the middle area, it appears to be coffee, so will come out with further washing. My camera would not pick it up...but it's there! If you are good with marks and spots, this one is worth the effort!

Measures: 24"/24"

Star Rating For This Listing - 3/5 -


* 5/5 Wonderful - As close to new as a vintage item can be, little used and well cared for.

* 4/5 Very Good - Light wear, well cared for, maybe a loose thread, no holes, light, removable marks might be seen.

* 3/5 Good - Light fraying, broken stitch or marks not removed in first launder, but still expected to come out.

* 2/5 Poor - Small holes (could be mended) Stains I have been unable to remove, fraying and/or fading of fabric or work. Skips in embroidery stitches. Mostly suitable for crafts and cutting.

* 1/5 Damaged Non-repairable - Worn, frayed, holes, marks. Suitable for crafts and repurposing, not mending.


All my linens are pre-loved and most have seen years of happy use and many, many washes. Most vintage items will show some wear,

I know you will get many years of enjoyment out of such a lovingly created, yet inexpensive reminder of days gone by. They can be passed on to generations as special keepsakes, or used as the beautiful and original pieces of artwork, they are.

Thank you so much for visiting Vintage Keepsakes and mark us as a favorite, we are always adding new items :)

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