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Quaker Lace Company (Philadelphia, PA), Identifying & Dating Quaker Lace

"Alencon" "Camelot" "Candlebright" "Jubilee" "Richelieu" "Smithsonian Butterfly" "Vesta" "White House" Dacron Blend Identifying & Dating Quaker Lace machine-crafted lace quaker lace company Quaker Lace Company (Philadelphia quaker tablecloths

Quaker Lace Company (Philadelphia, PA), Identifying & Dating Quaker Lace.

In the late 19th century, the Quaker Lace Company made the opulence of heavy, cotton-blend lace more affordable by producing beautiful machine-crafted lace. The company continued throughout the 20th century, and in the process became a trusted household name, manufacturing quality, beautiful, timeless lace products.

The Quaker Lace Company began in 1889 as the Bromley Manufacturing Company under the name of Bromley Manufacturing.Quaker Lace tablecloths still remain a sought-after item because they are so durable and beautiful. The original White House pattern is one of the more desirable patterns because it is a rare find. Though no longer manufactured, some companies distribute replicas of the Quaker Lace tablecloths.

Some identifying attributes to genuine Quaker Lace is the soft cotton, opulent feel to the fabric, the picot loops, seen on the border of the cloth and often the tag on the outer hem survives over the years, allowing the new owner to see the Quaker Lace Label and size of the cloth

Some numbered patterns from The Quaker Lace Company (We will add to this list as patterns are found and verified)

Quaker Lace, "White House", Pattern # 6280, Published Jan. 1951. This pattern became very popular when it was used in the White House during the Eisenhower era. This pattern was considered the highest quality produced by the company.

Quaker Lace, "Jubilee", Pattern # 1006, Published Oct. 1954.
Quaker Lace, "Alencon", Pattern # 7701, Dacron Blend, Published Jun. 1952. 
Quaker Lace, "Camelot", Pattern # 881, Feb. 1953.
Quaker Lace, "Barcelona", Pattern # 805, Published May 1972. This pattern is a combination of florals and scroll patterns.
Quaker Lace, "Embassy", Pattern # 1100, Dacron Blend, Published Mar. 1973.
Quaker Lace, "Trianon", Pattern # 5170, Published Mar. 1978.
Quaker Lace, "Jewish Festival", Pattern # 1090, Point De Paris Lace, Published Jun. 1978. Floral Sprays caught with Bow Knots between a leafy border.
Quaker Lace, "Candlebright", Pattern # 1267, Nov. 1980.
Quaker Lace, "Vesta", Pattern # 1178, Published Feb. 1982.
Quaker Lace, "Richelieu", Pattern # 1180, Published Apr. 1982. 
Quaker Lace, "Smithsonian Butterfly", Pattern # 0248, Oct. 1982. 

Unsure of published dates & some names below:

Quaker Lace, "Como", Pattern # 6520, Dacron Blend.
Quaker Lace, "Gala", Pattern # 4200, # 4280, # 4458  Dacron Blend. Rayon and Cotton.
Quaker Lace, Pattern # 3140, Cherubs
Quaker Lace, "Festival", Pattern # 4450, # 1172, 85% Cotton, 15% Dacron Polyester, Perm Press, Soil Release.
Quaker Lace, Pattern # 5469, (Have not found name to this one yet)
Quaker Lace, "Duchess", Pattern # 7100, 80% Spun Rayon, 12% Dacron Polyester and 8% Cotton.
Quaker Lace, "Florentine", Pattern # 3540, 
Quaker Lace, # 1010, Figural cherubs and courting scenes.
Quaker Lace, Pattern # 5090, 
Quaker Lace, "Maytime"¬†Pattern¬†#¬†1161,¬†¬†ÔĽŅ100% Dacron Polyester.
Quaker Lace, "Baroness", Pattern # 5160

Quaker Lace Company publications, advertising brochures and packet inserts over the years.

1923 1920s - 1930s 1936
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