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About Us

I am Katie and originally from New Zealand :) I am joyfully married to an American and we love to trip back down under every year or so. We are always on the hunt for wonderful old linens and English and Japanese teacups and teapots, chintz are my all-time favorite patterns, I love any design that is busy and overdone! We empty our suitcases of clothes to make room for our newly-found ‘op-shop’ treasures, then bring them back to the states to sell, or keep if they are just too cute! Gone are the days where we can just drive by a country second-hand store

We live in Florida, right on the sea and I love to spend part of my afternoons sitting out in the bay on a floatie chair, in view of our local lighthouse and watching all kinds of amazing creatures out in the inlet waters. I snorkel out there too, we enjoy manatee, porpoise, stingrays leaping out of the water, turtles and an array of tropical fish. During hurricane season we are often chased back indoors by severe afternoon thunderstorms, but they are usually short-lived and we soon head back down to the sea to finish what we started.

I delight in all things old, worn, pre-loved and discarded, for whatever reason. I wish my antiques could talk to me, I just know they have seen many years of love and use. They have graced tables at the fanciest, upscale dinner parties and sat under vases of hand-picked wildflowers, on humble kitchen tables, of everyday people. I am inspired and encouraged when I receive almost animated feedback from an excited customer after they have opened their goodies and been thrilled with their new treasures. It inspires me to have every customer that pleased with their experience with TheVintageTeacup.

I am head over heels in love with my amazing husband, he has willingly and enthusiastically done multiple loads of washing, sorting, ironing (no kidding). He has folded, filed, shipped, written thank you notes to customers, launched encyclopedic-sized searches for long forgotten backstamps and potter’s marks and constantly tells me how very proud he is of me. I glow and grow in his adoration.

What other passions do I have in my life?

My love for The Lord Jesus Christ, is without a doubt, my greatest passion. I stand in awe, daily.

In the future I’d like to be…

Still happy expressing my love of old things. Busy and successful, not just financially, but with a trail of happy and returning customers, and having made many good friends along the way. And thankful, always.