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Royal Vale - Colclough Backstamps and Hallmarks

Backstamps and Potter's Marks of Ridgway Potteries, Colclough and Royal Vale China

Ridgway Potteries Ltd., Ash Hall, Stoke. Staffordshire Potteries 1955. Formerly Ridgway and Adderley Ltd.

Potteries in the Ridgway group include;

Booths, Church Bank Pottery, Tunstall.
Colclough, Regent Works, Longton
Paladin Works, Fenton
North Staffordshire Pottery, Cobridge
Bedford Works, Shelton
Adderley Floral China Works, Longton
Gainsborough Works, Longton

Many marks include the name of the pottery concerned.
Backstamps and Potter's Marks Example Date and Info
  There was a period when Colclough was
officially known as HJ Colclough (1897-1937)

Royal Vale China Mark, Longton, England.
This mark was used by HJ Colclough
and was continued by Colclough China Ltd from 1937-39


The 'Vale' marks were first used when the firm expanded
to the new 'Vale' works in Longon Circa 1908.
The backstamp you would see in the pre-1913 period was
the 'Vale China' mark.
Paladin printed mark 

Printed mark 1939+

China manufacturer at the Vale Works,
Goddard Street,
Longton, Stoke-on-Trent 
Colclough's advertised themselves as
"Britain's largest manufacturer of Bone China Teaware"
Colclough Printed mark, post-war 
Researching a date for this backstamp.
Colclough's backstamp for Royal Vale  (1953-1964)

Royal Vale Backstamp for 1962

Royal Vale was manufactured by Ridgway Potteries Ltd,
Ash Hall, Stoke. Staffordshire Potteries 1955 to 1964.
Ridgway has produced china with the following names,
Colclough China, Malvern China, Melba Bone China,
Royal Vale and Royal Adderley with different
stamps for each company as time went by.

Colclough Printed mark c.1962

From c.1936 - 1988 ware was produced at the Adderley Works,

Mark Used 1962 

Mark used 1945+

Sutherland Road, Longton under the name
of Adderley Foral China.

Royal Adderley. Printed mark c.1962+

Adderleys Ltd operated at the
Daisy Bank Pottery in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent -
producing China and Earthenware

The Adderley company was taken over by Ridgway Pottery Ltd 
in 1947 - but ware was continued to be
produced with the Adderleys name.